Meet the Candidate: Ian Rudnick

As befitting the youngest candidate in the race, Ian Rudnick’s enthusiasm is matched by a sense of urgency. “I’m not getting into this to become a politician; I’m going into this because I was a Naples police officer and I see that this city is going to become unsafe if we keep going down the [...]


Meet the Candidate: Beth Petrunoff

Beth discovered Naples in 2008 when she was searching for a vacation home. Her first impression of the city is not uncommon. “When I drove over that bridge into 5th Avenue, I nearly had to pull my car over because it was so pretty,” recalls Beth. She liked the ‘Midwest vibe’ – it looked clean [...]


Meet the Candidate: John Dugan

Newly remarried and “learning a lot” out on the political trail, John first came to Naples when his parents relocated to the city in 2003. He’s called Naples home since 2010. Nearly all of his business career was spent as a road warrior with the global services and consulting giant Accenture. Getting involved with the [...]


Meet the Candidate: Raymond Christman

Ray Christman is one of two incumbent councilors up for re-election. Ray and his family were regular visitors to Naples before purchasing a home here in 2003. After graduating with a master’s degree in city planning, Ray worked in urban development and land conservation in his home state of Pennsylvania before embarking on a career [...]


Meet the Candidate: Terry Hutchison

If there was one person in the world who could claim a median was the launchpad for a stint in the political arena, it would be Terry Hutchison. While the convenience store company 7-Eleven brought the native from Indiana initially to Venice, Florida in 2008, frequent visits to our city inspired Terry’s relocation here eight [...]

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