During the 1980s the Gulf Shore Association of Condominiums (GSAC) was formed.  For many years, it operated as an informal, loose-knit organization formed to discuss common problems, and hopefully to devise solutions. In 2001, GSAC was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under Florida law. As stated in the Articles of Incorporation, its primary purposes were (i) to provide a forum for the member associations to exchange ideas concerning problems common to all members, and (ii) to ensure that our members have a readily identifiable voice on common issues affecting them and, where appropriate, to seek by joint action civic and governmental objectives. 

In terms of civic objectives, working with the City we have in the last few years accomplished (a) the installation of new and more attractive crosswalks at the beach access points and at Park Shore and Harbour Drives, as well as the flashing caution signs at the Horizon Way crosswalk; (b) FPL’s replacement of the street lights and upgrade of the wiring along GSBN; (c) a City revision of solid waste costs and storm water runoff fees reducing the allocation to our member associations; and (d) the reinstallation of the Manatee Slow Speed Zone in Venetian and Moorings Bays. We have also devoted significant effort to addressing the pedestrian safety issues caused by the deterioration of the seawall along Venetian Bay, coalescing community opposition to the County’s proposed construction of a multi-story garage at Clam Pass, and investigating the underlying reasons for the recurrent power outages along GSBN, as well as the spread of algae along the beaches and in the Bay.

We have further expanded our mission to include efforts to inform or educate residents of our association members concerning matters of likely interest to them. For example, we have regularly sponsored pre-election forums at which City Council candidates respond to specific questions concerning subjects particularly applicable to GSBN residents, as well as informational forums on such matters as limiting exposure to cybercrime, and what residents should do if in the presence of an active shooter.

As we approach our fifth decade, the Gulf Shore Association of Condominiums has developed into both a formal and formidable force. It has grown to include nearly all the low-rise and high-rise buildings in the Moorings and Park Shore communities along both sides of Gulf Shore Blvd. North. GSAC now has over 70 members, constituting more than 4,400 residential dwelling units. We believe we live in one of the most beautiful communities in the Greater Naples area, and we are dedicated to doing everything possible to preserving and enhancing our community.

We encourage and welcome the attendance of association members and residents at GSAC’s Board meetings, and invite suggestions or comments concerning issues of importance to them.


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