Q. How many Commons are there and how are they managed?

A. There are five Beach Commons and four Access Commons that are managed by the condominiums located within the Commons areas. Each condo provides a representative to their respective Commons committee, which budgets for and manages the areas. GSAC has no connection to, nor any authority over, any of the nine Commons areas.

Q. Who owns the promenade (beach walk) that runs from Le Parc to Horizon House?

A. The promenade is private property owned jointly by the five Beach Commons. Access to the walk is restricted to owners and their guests who reside in the condominiums located within those Beach Commons areas.

Q. What is the relationship between GSAC and Park Shore Association, if any?

A. The Park Shore Association is a voluntary property owners association. In addition to owning and managing a beach park for the enjoyment of its members, it engages in activities to enhance the civic welfare of Park Shore. Individual property owners in Park Shore (houses and condos) are eligible for membership.

GSAC is an association of condominium associations and deals with issues that are common to its members. Membership in GSAC is open to all condo associations within its geographical limits that are interested in the purposes of the association.

GSAC and the Park Shore Association cooperate on matters of mutual interest.

Q. Can members of GSAC also join the Park Shore Association?

A. Yes. Individual condo unit owners whose property is located in Park Shore are eligible for membership in the Park Shore Association.

For clarification there is also a Moorings property owners association and its role is similar to the Park Shore Association for the property owners in the Moorings. Individual property owners in condo associations in the Moorings are eligible for membership in the Moorings property owners association.

Q. Why is there no mailbox on Gulf Shore Boulevard?

A. Many years ago it was removed because of lack of usage.

Q. Does GSAC promote uniformity in the Commons areas?

A. Yes, GSAC feels the sharing of information among the various Commons areas is useful to everyone and encouraged uniformity in signage and lighting along the promenade.

Q Does GSAC endorse or support candidates for public office?

A. The Gulf Shore Association of Condominiums (GSAC) is a Corporation Not For Profit organized under Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes. It neither endorses nor supports individual candidates for public office. It does, however, actively encourage the residents of our member associations to vote, and it has traditionally sponsored forums at which candidates for municipal offices are invited to speak and answer questions particularly relevant to our members.

Q. How often are Directors elected and when is the GSAC annual meeting?

A. Directors and officers are elected at the annual meeting held in January. Directors serve three-year terms, while officers are elected to serve for one year.