NCH Heart Institute: It ain’t over till it’s over

By Jim Melican, GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online  On Wednesday, December 13 the City's Planning Advisory Board (PAB) conducted a second hearing on NCH's proposed Heart, Vascular and Stroke Institute, at which it narrowly approved NCH's plans but with reservations. The PAB's role is to hear evidence and then make a non-binding recommendation to [...]

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Proposed NCH Heart Institute In Jeopardy

By Jim Melican, GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online  Many Naples residents seem to believe that the proposed NCH Heart, Vascular and Stroke Institute is a done deal, given the fact that nearly $195 million of the projected $200 million needed has already been raised from generous local benefactors for its construction downtown adjacent [...]

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GSAC Special Election Edition: City Council Candidates Weigh In

The issue. The existing hospital tower on 41 is 92’6” tall and is a grandfathered City height variance from the 42’ City Charter limit. The new NCH Heart & Vascular Institute is asking for a 6’2” height variance on the Telford location behind the Route 41 hospital tower. This would make the new NCH Heart [...]

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Proposed Plans for NCH Heart & Vascular Institute

The NCH Healthcare System (NCH) plans to build a new, state-of-the-art Heart, Vascular, and Stroke Institute on its downtown campus. Currently, cardiac services are spread across departments and buildings on the downtown campus. The new building would consolidate these services into one building, thereby providing significantly improved efficiencies in care and research, as well as [...]

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