Update: Venetian Bay Seawall Litigation

By Stan Karpf, Vice President, GSAC Board of Directors GSAC would like to share some good news we recently received, especially for those that enjoy walking down the sidewalk along the west side of Venetian Bay. Those of you who do so know that, over the past several years and particularly after Hurricane Irma in [...]

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Protect our Beaches and Wildlife during Turtle Nesting Season

May 1st marks the beginning of Turtle Nesting Season in Southwest Florida. For those of us that are staying in our beautiful City during the summer, it is important to limit night activities on the beach and reduce light pollution. The City of Naples Natural Resources Department offers useful information and guidance for both association [...]

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Hail to the Chief

By Stan Karpf, GSAC Board Member  Submit questions or feedback online. As we approach the end of another season, it would be fitting to acknowledge and thank an individual who has contributed so much to our health, safety, and well-being during the past twelve months, the City of Naples Fire Rescue Chief Pete DiMaria. The [...]

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Association Best Practices: Guidelines for Emotional Support Animals

By Jim Melican, President Emeritus and GSAC Board Member  Submit questions or feedback online.  Perhaps one of the thorniest issues confronting Association managers and boards occurs when a new or existing owner or lessee indicates that he or she needs what has come to be known as an "emotional support animal." This is especially the [...]

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Top Ten Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By Pam Nicholls, GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online While real solutions to climate change will require action on a global scale, there are choices we can make in our daily lives to lessen our individual impact on the environment. Our greenhouse gas emissions are causing the earth to warm up at an [...]

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VIDEO REPLAY – Personal Condo Insurance Market in Turmoil: Understanding Premium Increases and Coverage

The Gulf Shore Association of Condominiums (GSAC) recently hosted its second in a series of community forums, designed to inform and educate Naples residents about key issues affecting the area. Zoom Video Replay: http://bit.ly/PersonalInsurance0422  The second forum was “Personal Condo Insurance Market in Turmoil: Understanding Premium Increases and Coverage” on Thursday, April 22. Many condominium [...]

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Higher Dunes and Barrier Gates

Contributed by Pamela Nicholls, GSAC Board   County’s Coastal Storm Defense Plan has the potential to change the shape and face of our coastline forever. 5 miles of shoreline from Wiggins Pass to Gordon Pass will be affected by wider berms and higher dunes Wiggins Pass and Doctors Pass sector gates are considered critical components [...]

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The Revs Intitute: Preserving the Future of the Past

Contributed by Jim Melican, President Emeritus   Yet another hidden gem in our city, with virtually all “excellent” ratings on Trip Advisor, is the Revs Institute on Horseshoe Drive, just north of the Naples Airport. The imposing building houses the Miles Collier Collections – a magnificent assembly of over a hundred automobiles, including both largely-forgotten [...]

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Councilman Ray Christman shares What’s New in Naples

The GSAC Board of Directors recently invited Councilman Ray Christman to present at our virtual board meeting about “What’s New in Naples.” After a 20-minutes presentation, Councilman Christman responded to questions from our members. For those of you that were not able to attend, he also shared this brief synopsis. GSAC Board Meetings are open [...]

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A Horse of a Different Color celebrates 30 years

Contributed by Stan Karpf, GSAC Board The fairy tale story of the founding of the beloved gift boutique, “A Horse of a Different Color,” all began when a successful corporate executive decided to retire at the young age of fifty and become an entrepreneur. Norman De La Chapelle and his wife Virginia along with daughter [...]

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