By Pam Nicholls GSAC Board Member
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Our Community Police Officer Jeff Perry introduced one of the latest additions to Naples’ Police Department when he visited Admiralty Point for the GSAC Board Meeting on April 9. Max, a two-year-old Golden Retriever donated by Golden Paws Assistance Dogs, is the Department’s new Crisis Care Therapeutic K9. He is currently in his seventh week of training with his handler Officer Perry.

Naples’ K9 unit was resurrected in February by NPD Chief Dominguez following a three year pause. Along with Max, the department also recruited Tessa, a black Labrador, which specializes in explosives and firearms detection. She was donated by ApexK-9.

Officer Perry is very passionate about this new program and his new colleague. “Max has the incredible ability to assess a situation and insert himself where his love and affection is needed most. As law enforcement officers we are called to situations where people are having the worst day of their lives, or we may have to bring them tragic news,” says Perry. “Max has proven to bridge that gap by providing comfort and assurance that no human officer can provide, even with our most heartfelt and sincere intentions. He amazes me daily with his potential.”

If you or anyone you know feel a visit from Max would be of benefit, please contact Officer Perry 239-213-4862. Requests do not guarantee a visit but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.