By Pam Nicholls, GSAC Board Member
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At the Collier County Commissioners meeting on September 14, Deputy County Manager Amy Patterson reported that the Army Corps of Engineers, author of the Coastal Storm Risk Management Feasibility Study and Recommended Plan for Collier County, is taking another look at the entire project.

ACE is seeking guidance up their management and legal chains regarding how to move forward due to significant changes in project costs, which likely will have a direct impact on cost benefit and other important components of their CSRM study. According to Commissioner Penny Taylor, the County is in a holding pattern as they await the direction ACE will take and what, if any, significant changes are made to the report.

Patterson confirmed on November 12 that it may be some time before ACE provides new guidance and that at this time, there is no final report (originally expected on October 8) to review and discuss.

Meetings for the Stakeholder’s and Technical Advisory groups are therefore currently on hold for scheduling pending further information from the Army Corps.

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