By Stan Karpf, GSAC Board Member
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Your GSAC Board has, in recent weeks, worked with the City of Naples Department of Public Works to correct an unsafe and unsightly condition in our neighborhood. Many sinkholes were appearing between the seawall and sidewalk along Venetian Bay, specifically in the area between the Park Shore Marina and the Venetian Bay Yacht Club North.

After bringing this situation to the attention of DPW officials, within days, corrective action took place. The City hired an outside contractor to not only fill in the many sinkholes but also add a new layer of decorative stone. This aesthetically improves the area significantly while we await the next phase of the seawall and sidewalk replacement project the City Council has approved. Hopefully, the next phase of this project will commence soon.

This project, the replacement of 3200 linear feet of Seawall, was approved by City Council two years ago, the first 700 feet was completed this past summer. The completed section is located at the northern section of Gulf Shore Blvd North and ends at the Tropics Condominium.

A local Engineering firm hired by the City is in the process of completing their evaluation of the seawall, summarizing the condition of its entire length. That report will be used to determine what section will be replaced next.

A big thank you to Bob Middleton, Director of Public Works, and Brad Hefner, Project Engineer, for staying on top of this important project.