By Officer Jeff Perry, Naples Police Department

There are two types of crimes that are occurring that residents should be aware of:

  • Auto Burglaries – Suspects are locating vehicles that are not occupied in parking lots or beach ends.  Suspects observe purses inside the vehicle and smash the window, stealing the purse and contents. The subject’s credit cards are immediately used at nearby stores to purchase high-value items or untraceable gift cards.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Do not leave purses or any other valuable items showing when parked.
  • Park in highly visible areas that are well-lit.
  • Monitor all credit card transactions immediately and place stops on any suspicious transactions


  • Bicycle Thefts – Suspects are cutting locks to bicycles and removing bicycles.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Do not leave bicycles unsecured and in areas hidden or out of view.
  • Secure with high quality locks.
  • Consider keeping high end or electric bicycles inside.


Noteworthy Events / Arrest:

  • NPD Officers responded to a doctor’s facility about a 71-year-old male who was not conscious and breathing.  Officers immediately began CPR and utilized department-issued AED. Shortly after the second AED shock, the patient regained consciousness and was transported to NCH.
  • The night shift officer found a van illegally parked on the beach end after hours. Contact was made with the owner of the van, who was sleeping in the van. The officer detected a strong odor of Marijuana, and an investigation led to the search of the vehicle, resulting in a large amount of illegal Marijuana and over 150 lbs of rare silver coins (believed to be stolen), 98 rounds of 9mm ammo, an airsoft pistol, and THC oil and wax.  The subject was arrested and found to be a convicted felon.
  • Officers were alerted of a suspect vehicle known to steal mail from mailboxes by a NPD license plate reader, a legal stop was conducted on the vehicle for illegal window tint. The passengers of the vehicle were removed, and 71 pieces of mail from City of Naples residents were located in the vehicle, as well as marijuana and a 9mm handgun. All subjects were arrested and charged.