County Dune Restoration Project Delayed

By Pam Nicholls GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online  Collier County’s FEMA-funded project to restore the beach and dunes lost to Hurricane Ian is forecast to be completed a couple of months later than originally projected. The first phase, the County’s emergency beach berm re-nourishment program, which saw 300,000 cubic yards of sand added to [...]

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Landscape Restoration on Seagate Paused

By Pam Nicholls GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online  The project to restore the landscaping along Seagate Drive and the Seagate Linear Park destroyed by Hurricane Ian is temporarily on hold, according to City Parks & Recreation Director Chad Merritt. The lack of action is the result of multiple factors. Timing, funding and, principally, the [...]

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Making Public Beach Accesses Beautiful Again

By Pam Nicholls GSAC Board Member Submit questions or feedback online  Hurricane Ian destroyed all 40 public beach accesses in the Naples area, 37 of which have now been restored to a usable/safe condition. The public beach accesses north of Doctor’s Pass were some of the first ones City staff tackled. Much of the damage concerned walkways, [...]

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Hurricane Ian Comprehensive Recovery Report

Dear City of Naples Community, It has been 9 1/2 months since Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida and caused significant damage in the City of Naples. The iconic Naples Pier, a beloved landmark and symbol of beauty and leisure, was reduced to ruins. All forty of our beach accesses were torn apart, severing the connection [...]

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GSAC Post-Hurricane Ian Updates and Survey Report

We are about two weeks shy of two months since Hurricane Ian struck and did incredible damage to Naples and GSBN. Most of us know all too well the overwhelming work involved in recovery and rebuilding. It will take months and perhaps years to return to “normal”. More than 40 business and restaurants are [...]

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